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Thank you for being a part of our Save Your Seat Campaign!

We are so humbled by the support that our community has for this Historic Theatre. Also by the fact that we were able to “sell out” the house – all 1,600 seats – and meet our goal of raising $160,000 in just 8 short weeks at the end of 2020. This money bridged the financial gap the Coronavirus Pandemic shutdown created. It is the reason we are able to be here today, ready to reopen (safely) to the public and have in-person shows again.

Now that you saved your seat, you probably want to find your seat in the Theatre.

To do so, type the name of the person who purchased your seat plaque(s) in the search bar below. This will pull up your donation: where your seat is in the Theatre (be sure to take note as to whether your seat is in the orchestra [ORCH] or balcony [BALC] section) and also what your plaque message says. This list is organized alphabetically by last name.

If you have any questions regarding your donation, please feel free to reach out to our Development Coordinator, Rachel Grant at

Thank you again for supporting your Historic Not-For-Profit State Theatre of Ithaca, Inc.!

See State Theatre seating chart

Name Seat Number(s) Seat Plaque Message(s)
Jacqueline Abbott BALC - Q1 Rose & Cecilia Ciaschi, Lynne Lisi & Jackie Mousaw
Alexis Abramo ORCH - X18 In honor of
Terry Clark
Paul Acosta BALC - Q15 LINK Multimedia
Karen Adams ORCH - BB11 Good memories
Karen Adams & Ciana Ellison
Andrew Adelewitz ORCH - O2, O4 1. Andy, Michelle & Milo Adelewitz
2. Alex, Jackie & Oliver Adelewitz
Michelle Adelewitz ORCH - O6, O8 Adam & Jane Marie Law
James Akers BALC - M29 Chris and Jay Akers, Mooresville, NC
Jessica Aller BALC - Q2 Eva Bea Swanger & Family
Daryl R. Anderson ORCH - G1, G3, G5, G7, G9 Collin Anderson
Music Lover 1987 - 2013
Laura Andolina BALC - Q19 Bob, Laura, Chris, and Callie Andolina
Suzanne Andrews BALC - B1, B3, B5, B7, B9 Bors Family Loves Ithaca & The State
Sharon Andrus ORCH - R14, R16 1. Sharon A Andrus
2. Daniel K Trembley
Esther Angert BALC - L16 ROCK ON!
Esther Angert & Dave McCartt
Ronald Applegate BALC - B11, B13 Long live the State Theatre!
Rose & Ron
Kyle Armbrust BALC - N5 Ithaca Bratschisten
Andres Arroyo BALC - N209 In loving memory of Carol J. Buckley
Ethan Ash BALC - A2, A4 1. For Ethan's Ash & in Memory of John Prine
2. For Rachel's Ash & in Honor of Brandi Carlile
Karin Ash BALC - D36 Brian and Sarah Ash
Harry Ash BALC - A12 The Ash-Clark Family
N'Dri Assie-Lumumba BALC - Q4 The Lumumba family is happy to support the vibrant live music scene that has made Ithaca such a special place.
Viva the State Theater!
Asthma & Allergy Associates ORCH - Row P 1. Asthma & Allergy
Mariah Pieretti, M.D.
2. Asthma & Allergy
Rizwan Khan, M.D.
3. Asthma & Allergy
Joseph Flanagan, M.D.
4. Asthma & Allergy
Julie McNairn, M.D.
5. Asthma & Allergy
Stella Castro, M.D.
6. Asthma & Allergy
7. Asthma & Allergy
8. Asthma & Allergy
Allergy Relief
9. Asthma & Allergy
Mariah Pieretti, M.D.
10. Asthma & Allergy
Rizwan Khan, M.D.
11. Asthma & Allergy
Joseph Flanagan, M.D.
12. Asthma & Allergy
Julie McNairn, M.D.
13. Asthma & Allergy
Stella Castro, M.D.
Robin Atkin ORCH - Y12 i stuck gold, love mama
Donna Atkinson ORCH - O7, O9 Donna & Michelle
Love at first sight.
Karen Atkinson ORCH - BB18 Blessings
Alicia Aubin ORCH - AA1 Arleigh Beck Paradiso
We love you!
Philip Aubin BALC - J21 The Westy is a bar. Also f#ck 2020.
Ludi Augustine ORCH - Z19 "Come and dance with me"
- Augustine Family
Jennifer Austin ORCH - W108 Jenn, Lily, and Reese Austin
Joseph Bacon ORCH - V111 Meet the bacons love the "State Theatre of Ithaca!" See you soon, Robin and Joe Bacon
Cathy Bair ORCH - N17, N19 The Bairs
Cristen Baker ORCH - T111, T112, T113 Family Friends Row
Cristin & Todd Baker
Katherine Ballard ORCH - T5 In honor of Margaret & Roger
Sara Barker BALC - L5 Barker Swarthout Family
John Barley BALC - N28 John J. Barley
The Show Must Go On
Michael Barre BALC - K201, K202 In appreciation of the theater, Laura Barré
Pennee Barresi ORCH - AA8 Penny Turco Volunteer Extraordinaire
Christopher Barrett ORCH - N10, N12 In Honor of Shelley and Daniel Comisi
Caitlin Barrett ORCH - X5, X7 Dave Zarzycki & Caitie Barrett
Mike Barry BALC - H201, H202 MIKE BARRY
Debora Baschki Robertson BALC - J22 Debora Baschki Robertson
Laura Batten ORCH - X6, X8 Christopher and Laura Batten
Larry Baum BALC - J15 Larry & Trudy Baum
Melissa Bazley BALC - O10 Don Bazley
Alison Beach BALC - N9 John Beach: Miles Ahead
James Beaumont ORCH - R27 In Loving Memory of Beth Brunelle
Lawrence Beckwith ORCH- BB7, BB9 1. Rosalie and Carmen Amoroso
2. Goggie, Pops, Violet and Aurora
Jocelyn Becraft ORCH - T14, T16 The day the music lived!
Linda Beins BALC - D13, D15 Barney and Linda Beins
Rebecca Benjamin ORCH - Row I In loving memory of Hoyt Benjamín.
Founder of B & W Supply
Karen Benjamin BALC - Q10 Long live the State Theatre! Grateful
Mary Berens BALC - H6, H8 1. Paul Feeny
2. Mary Berens
Barbara Bergman ORCH - W109 Stu and Barbara Bergman
All you need is love
Elizabeth Berliner BALC - Q211 Music is how we decorate time.
Much love from Scratch & Dent Acres
Richard Betterley ORCH - J22 Jeremy K. Betterley
Joyce Billing BALC - I25 We laugh so hard I almost gave birth watching Star Wars - August 1977- In memory of Michael by Joyce Billing
Jeffrey Bishop ORCH - U1, U3 1. Jeff Bishop
2. Dana Palmer
Tanya Bloom BALC - O18 Whole Picture Health and Vision
Susan Blumenthal BALC - L33 Susan Blumenthal
David Bock ORCH - L18, L20 1. Dave Bock
2. Joanna Greenhill Bock
Andy Boehm BALC - K1 Music will heal the world! ☮︎
Jane Bonassar BALC - F21, F23 With love for the State Theatre from the Bonassar Family
Andrew Bonavia BALC - J12 Close Your Eyes And Remember This
Jill Bonheim BALC - K24 May you enjoy!
Jalaja Bonheim
2. Don't Forget, "Lesh is More"
Thomas Bonn ORCH - X110 Fred Bonn and Sara Hayes
Kathi Borgmann ORCH - V15, V17 For The People
Brett Bossard ORCH - X111 Brett Bossard & Kerry Barnes
Carol Botsch BALC - N10 In honor of David W. Botsch
David Botsch BALC - P37 Papa Botsch & all his critters
Mary Bouchard ORCH - R25 Mary Bouchard & Joseph Barrett
Hillary Boucher ORCH - BB1 To Lorna Brain! Shine, beautiful woman, shine!
Erik Braun ORCH - Q6, Q8 1. Bob Melfi, Stay humble & grateful
2. Ginger Melfi, You'll never be blue
Nancy Braun ORCH - Y19 OK Meira Stav GO!
Pamela Brayton BALC - I22 Pamela Brayton
Mary Brenner ORCH - O103, O104 Paul & Mary Brenner
Rock On!
Barbara Brenner BALC - N208 Happy 30 years JP, Love B
Rebecca Brenner ORCH - AA13 Jake, Beca, Morgan, Zach, Sally Brenner
Kevin Brew ORCH - D2, D4 Enjoy the Show - The Brew Family.
Michaela Brew ORCH - D6 Enjoy the show! - The Brew Family
Marika Briggs ORCH - S9, S11 Keep on keeping on!
Chris and Marika
Matthew Brillinger BALC - J7 In memory of my hearing. (Destroyed here in 2017 by Dinosaur Jr.)
Michael Brindisi ORCH - X105 I love to be on stage, but I’d rather sit here- Mike Brindisi
Ashley Broadwell ORCH - M9, M11 Party Clark - shook it with Sharon
Ashley Broadwell - Levon & Doc & Sharon & Lyle & Taj
Shirley Brodginski ORCH - M24 In this place, I live fully in the moment.
Marley Brooks BALC - J210 Wild Heart Orchards, LLC - We Like Bad Apples!
Marie Brooks ORCH - T1 Marie "Spike" Brooks
Night Mayor
Ramsey Brous BALC - A10 With our love and appreciation for Ithaca and the arts, Ramsey Brous and Melissa Burress
Gary Brown BALC - G21, G23 Gary Brown
Philip Brown ORCH - Z12 As I remember the times of my youth
Chuck Brown
Peter & Ursula Browning ORCH - Row D 1. Jerry
2. Bobby
3. Phil
4. Mickey
5. Bill
6. Pigpen
7. Tom
8. Keith
9. Donna
10. Brent
11. Bruce
12. Vince
13. Robert
David Brumberg ORCH - AA21 Joan & David Brumberg
Susanne Bruyere ORCH - AA19 Susanne Bruyere
Chip Bryce ORCH - D8, D10 Be of Good Cheer
Cynthia Brylinsky ORCH - T9 The Brylinsky Family
Luv the State Theatre
Gary Bucci BALC - H209, H210 1. Proud Supporters of Live Music & The State Theatre
2. Two Just Men International Well Crucial
Jennifer Buell ORCH - X25 In loving memory of Michael Buell Sr
Mark Burke ORCH - AA11 Mark Burke
Willard Burns ORCH - U7 I believe in miracles! Where’re you from?
Melanie Bush BALC - N210 Bob Asta
Melanie Bush
Katie Cacciotti ORCH - Y16 Rick & Kathleen Cacciotti
How many times...
Rhona Cadenhead-Hames BALC - P21 Just a little light for Chris Cappelletti
Ryan Cady ORCH - G12, G14 Ryan and Emily
Amy Campbell BALC - L24 In honor of my parents <3 M and L Campbell
Mark Camper BALC - Q201 I am happier with nothing
George Cannon BALC - O203 All The Great Shows!
Mike & Michelle Cannon ORCH - O113 & K18 In Honor of Gary Marsden
Frank Capella ORCH - O14, O16 The Capella family
Stephen Carley ORCH - W107 Hornby Nordic Ski Society
Marvin Carlson BALC - M205 Marvin and Pat Carlson
Sam Carney BALC - P201 Rock on!
Love, Sam, Laurel, & Leon
Katelyn Carney BALC -P11 With gratitude, The Carney Family
Cristina Carter ORCH - Q19 Crissy & Kenny were here!
Jessica Cassidy BALC - I14 For Brian T. Rohan
Love J.D.C.
Simon Catterall ORCH - U20 Sara Catterall
Laura Cecere ORCH - R13 The Cecere Family
David Cedarbaum ORCH - V5 In Memory of Carol Hilgartner Schlank.
CFCU Community Credit Union ORCH - Row H CFCU Community Credit Union
Justin L. Chandler ORCH - T18, T20 1. Justin Lee Chandler
2. Jacob Wesley Fox
Carol Chernikoff BALC - E22 The Chernikoff Family
Michelle Chevallier BALC - I17 In memory of my brother,
Glenn C Simpson
Katherine Chiang ORCH - W14 Enjoy the show! K Chiang
Penelope Chick BALC - P212 Rory Rothman, music lover
Robin Chipkin BALC - F13, F15 Please keep our seats warm! Marc & Robin
Sarah Christen ORCH - T107, T108 Family Friends Row
Sarah & Jeff Christen
Amy Christensen ORCH - V22, V24 Amy Christensen
Anthony Ciccone BALC - J211 For Your Viewing Pleasure
Jill & Tony Ciccone
Joel Cisne BALC - N4 In honor of Zephyr & Pushface
~MB <3 PG~
Stephen Clapp BALC - K30 The Clapps - Nora, Alice, Red, Beez
David Cleary ORCH - Y10 Janet Cleary
“We make a life by what we give”
Jennifer Cleland BALC - M4 Commemorating the Save the State campaign
Karen Cleveland ORCH - BB17 Sandy Van B
Diane Cohen BALC - A207, A208, ORCH - C10 1 & 2. Diane Cohen
3. In honor of Jean Hubbell - from Diane Cohen
Amy Cohen ORCH - AA5 Hup! <3 Circus Culture
Margaret Cole ORCH - Q9, Q11 Cole Family
Stephen Colucci ORCH - P1, P3 Steve and Liz Colucci
Gregory Colucci BALC - L209 In Remembrance of the Victims of COVID-19
Jennifer Colvin BALC - F2, F4 Enjoy the show! - The Colvin Family
John Colvin BALC - K22 Live entertainment is truly one of this life's blessings
Anthony Confrey BALC - N2 The Confreys
Matthew Connolly ORCH - V23, V25 1. In memory of Candida Connolly
2. In memory of Kutana Pandin & Datu Rante
Sharon Connor BALC - M6 Sharon <3 Shane Always and Forever
Kate Conroy ORCH - U26, U28 (Stage Left Buddy Seat) 1. I saw my first show here!
Rebel Conroy-Newton
2. The Rhine House
"A pretty okay bar!"
Shoshana Cook ORCH - O27 In loving memory of Joyce Silver
Christopher Cook BALC - M26 Ryan Sexton slept here. Next time, less beer.
Alan Cooke BALC - O209 Enjoy the show!
Robert Cooper ORCH - X112 GoGone
Caroline Cope BALC - K11 "If music be the food of love, play on."
The Copes
Margaret Corbit ORCH - S24 The Bog Dwellers
Bethany Cornell ORCH - K19, K21 Enjoy the show!
Phil & Pat Cornell
Benjamin Cosgrove ORCH - K13, K15 A true love of ours, Elissa & Ben
Anita Cotter ORCH - AA9 My granddaughters Sophie & Paige
Robert Covert BALC - Q21 Rob Covert & Amy Panek
Bryan Adams 1/25/11
James Craig BALC - P25 Save my seat
James Craig
Colleen Crossen BALC - O24 Paul and Colleen Crossen
Ithaca NY, 2020
Julie Crowley ORCH - R2, R4 1. For Doug's love of Bob Dylan - TWS
2. For Doug's love of Neil Young - ICC
Joseph Daley ORCH - O110, O111 Joe & Rebecca Daley Charitable Trust
Robin Dando BALC - O12 Robin and Marina's first date: 2/22/2014
Jacob Daniel BALC - N18 Porch Bhoys Celtic Supporters Club
Noah Dardano BALC - M204 Imagine a Million Suns of Love Aurfyre
Ashim Datta BALC - P24 Anasua & Ashim Datta
David Long Appraisal Co BALC - H211 David Long Appraisal Co
Ashley Davila ORCH - O22 Ashley Maria Davila
Robert De La Fuente ORCH - V18, V20 Jim Bouderau and Rob de la Fuente
Marie Anne de Roos BALC - M21 Magic happens here. Long live magic!
Timothy Dean BALC - D17, D19 LOVE WINS... & Art Helps!
Tim & Julie Dean
Dorothy Debbie BALC - M12 The Debbie Family
Shortstop Deli BALC - J9 Shortstop Deli
Debra DeLorenzo BALC - P7 The Cransberries love live music! Debra, Henry, Rachel and Emma
Giovanna Deluca ORCH - AA18 Spread The Cheer - RJD
Jennifer Demarest ORCH - Row J STREAM Collaborative
Jason Demarest ORCH - V102 In Memory of Breonna Taylor & Tamir Rice
Sarah Demo ORCH - R11 Sarah and Bill were here!
Jodi L. Denman ORCH - P22, P24 Jodi Lee Denman and Lincoln Morse - Explore Ithaca
Margo Denman ORCH - V108 Ithaca State Rocks
Ketch and Margo
Louis DePol ORCH - U105, U106 1. Louie D.
2. MPL
Helena DeTar Orch - Y1 The DeTar-Sharman Family
Eric Devin ORCH - L1, L3 Live music is best.
Eric and Susan
Barbara DeWall ORCH - N13, N15 1. Deborah Jones
2. Barb DeWall
Elliot Diamond ORCH - S26 Jerky, jerky!
Anthony Dicembre BALC - M207 Anthony Dicembre
Amy Dickinson BALC - A201, A202, A203, A204, A205 Amy Dickinson
David Dier ORCH - H16 Dave Dier, In Honor of Jean Hubbell
Elizabeth Dillon ORCH - W104 Lucy Calderon
Barbara Dimock ORCH - W102 Dr. Evermor Power On!
Kristin DiPronio ORCH - X24 The DiPronios
Caitlin Doane BALC - E38 The Doane Family
Eric, Caitlin, Olivia and Morgann
Michael Donahue ORCH - BB3 Mike, Nikki, BBQ & Noodle
"They love each other"
Phillip Donovan ORCH - F1, F3, F5 1. Phil Donovan
2. Sally Klingel
3. Susanne Donovan
Alicia Dowd ORCH - Z2, Z4 1. Alicia
2. Shelley
Kelly Dowd BALC - G25 Dave Harker, Kelly Dowd, & Ramona Harker
Jyl Dowd BALC - L17 Jyl Dowd - The Manor
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."
Glen Dowell ORCH - V11, V13 Glen Dowell & Margaret Shackell
Michele Drake BALC - L8 Joe Drake Ithaca College class of 2024
Diana Drucker BALC - P16 Diana Drucker
Greenstreet Real Estate
Robin Dubovi ORCH - D1, D3, D5, D7, D9 The Dubovi Family
David Dubow BALC - Q5 Kristin Gutenberger, For All Your Efforts
Collette Duddy BALC - N19 Second Chance Thoroughbreds
Kathy Duell BALC - J10 In honor of the house of ushers.
Rich & Kathy D.
Peter Dugo BALC - N211 Happy 75th Birthday
Susann L. Dugo
Curt Dunnam ORCH - E2, E4, E6 1. Curt Dunnam, Happiness is a State of Mind
2. Ariel Dunnam
3. Austin Dunnam
Andrea Durmiaki BALC - C12 For the 9/13/2017 show & more. Tom & Dre
Brian Earle ORCH - M12, M14, M16 1. Evan Fay Earle
2. Nichole Szembrot
3. Corey Ryan Earle
Kathy Earnest-Koons ORCH - V103 Kathy Earnest-Koons
Great shows happen here
Mary-Elizabeth Eddlestone ORCH - L22, L24 Eddlestone Family
Katherine Edmondson BALC - K31 LIVE MUSIC IS BETTER
Tara Egan ORCH - K6, K8, K10 1. Terry Egan
2. In loving memory of Alyce Egan from her children
3. In loving memory of Jim Egan from his children
Jamie Egan ORCH - K14 Jamie Egan
Tamara Egan Addy ORCH - K12 Wonderful childhood memories. Tami Egan Addy
Susan Eginton ORCH - S5, S7 Rachel and Mama go to the Nutcracker
Karen Eldredge ORCH - X1, X3 1. Karen Eldredge
2. Brent Testut
Joseph Ellis BALC - L14 Shanjoe Banjo!
Charles Elrod ORCH - P25, P27 The Elrod Family Singers
Whitney Elrod ORCH - T21 To Dad, who dances like no one's watching.
Melissa Enns ORCH - W103 Grumpy and Milo
Scott Erickson BALC - M20 Scott Erickson
Mary Estephan ORCH - P26 In honor of Casey Martin
Dhyana Estephan BALC - N22 Donated by Anonymous -Michael Scott
Laura Estephan BALC - I16 Laura Estephan
Jason Evans BALC - F14, F16 My Love!
Liz and Jason Evans
Elizabeth Evans ORCH - W105 State of mind at The State is so fine
Evans LOVE u
Christine Evans ORCH - BB5 Evans Sachs Family
Burt F. Ewell BALC - B18, B20 Burt Ewell & Janet Coster
Enjoy The Show
Matthew Falise ORCH - V7, V9 Taper's Section
Laura Falk ORCH - S6, S8 1. Alan Falk and Laura Winter Falk
in support of the "Grande Dame of Ithaca"
2. Experience! The Finger Lakes
Recognizes 92 Years of Incredible Experiences
Eric Farman ORCH - U13 Valerie Farman
Mary Farrar ORCH - AA24 Madeleine Franke
Cornell Class of 2021
David Feldshuh BALC - Q3 Noah, Zach, and Hannah Feldshuh
Gary Ferguson ORCH - U103 Enjoy the Show
Gary & Lisa Ferguson
Susan Ferrara BALC - I24 Susan Ferrara
Michael Ferris BALC - B208 Sadie Ferris Memorial Seat.
Mary K. Fessenden BALC - I23 Long live the Majestic State Theatre!
GrassRoots Festival BALC - F1, F3 Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance
Joanne Finlay BALC - K18 Reserved Forever
David Rogers, 1959-2017
Bernadette Fiocca ORCH - R1, R3 1. Know thyself And Play thy part
Bernadette Fiocca
2. When The Lights Go Down
Victoria Fiordalis ORCH- V112 Willow Jade Hubberman
Brian Fiorello ORCH - U6, U8 1. In honor of Judy & Ed Hunley
2. In memory of Super Dominic Liples
Bradford Firkins ORCH - U24 In memory of John Prine
William Fiske BALC - K19 Semper Fidelis, Sgt. Fiske
Donna Fleming BALC - F209, F210 For the 2020 Ithaca City Common Council
Susan Fleming ORCH - Q10, Q12 1. Susan Fleming
2. Carter Fleming Cabrera
Katie Foley BALC - A206 In Memory of Daniel Steve, Father of Jesse Steve aka the Chicken Wizard.
Christine Fontana BALC - C211 Fontana Empire/Linville Foundation
Jamison Foser ORCH - BB12 In Memory of Robert Foser
Meghan Fouracre BALC - B15, B17 1. Reserved for Mama Rabwa Fan Club
2. Madeleine Rose Fouracre
Stuart Fox BALC - A20, A18 Stuart Fox
Lindsay France Simanis BALC - E28, E30 Love life lived live!
Joyce Frank Orch - C2, C4 1. Joyce Frank
Saw movies here in the 80's ❤
2. Dan Frank
I love this place! Enjoy the show.
James Frankel BALC - P9 In Honor of
Abigail Frankel
Cornell Class of 2022
Carol Frederick BALC - H22 In Memoriam Ruth Bash
Dennis Frederick BALC - H24 Dennis & Carol Frederick
Dustin Freeley ORCH - S10, S12 1. Loading Zone Only. Must Display Permit.
2. Reserved for Godot
Scott Freeman ORCH - W2, W4 Best Wishes
Scott Freeman & Janet Muhich
Shane French ORCH - Row F Shane French
John Friedeborn BALC - I26 John Friedeborn
Karen Friedeborn BALC - M18 Karen Friedeborn
Russell Friedell BALC - G34, G36 Los Guapos
Susan Fritts BALC - P15 COVID BE GONE!
Catherine Fugelsang ORCH - AA15 Catherine Fugelsang
Amy Fuhr BALC - K2, K4 1. ❤️ ROOMIE ❤️
Simeon Furman BALC - E36 Simeon Furman
Kristy Gabriel ORCH - L17, L19 Rock On - The Gabriels
Suzanne Gabrielson ORCH - Y5 The Gabrielson's - EG & Suz - Est. 1998
Sarah Galbreath ORCH - Z20 Sarah Galbreath
Laura Gallagher ORCH - W110 Say Love
Laura J. Gallagher
Chrys Gardener BALC - C23, C25 Chrys Gardener and Bill Carini
Kellie Gates BALC - H17 Kellie S.P. & Gary J. Gates
Claire Gaut BALC - L12 Long live Ithaca music!
Claire Gaut
Johnson '19
Diane Gayeski BALC - L22 Diane Gayeski
Robert Gearhart ORCH - E1, E3, E5, E7, E9 1.Rob Gearhart
State Theatre Board
2. Rob & Marybeth
I and Love and You
3.Rob Gearhart &
Marybeth Tarzian
4.Rob & Wilson 2/28/19
Dad and Company
5. Wilson Gearhart 2018
The Wood Brothers!
James Gearhart ORCH - F7, F9 1. Rob Gearhart's Happy Place
2. "Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile"
Rebecca Gergely ORCH - AA14 The Gergeloguelys
Tim, Becca, Hannah & Connor
Jennifer Germann BALC - F9, F11 1. Dr. Nancy Brcak, IC Art History, 1984-2020
2. Dr. Stan Seltzer, IC Math, 1985-2020
Thomas & Jean Gerow ORCH - Row G 1. #1 Son: Larry Gerow
2. Grammy Mom Everett
3. Mine this seat is – Yoda
4. Use the Force, Luke – Obi-Wan Kenobi
5. I’d rather kiss a Wookie – Leia
6. Luke, I am your Father – Darth Vader
8. Great kid. Don’t get cocky – Han Solo
9. Mary Jane Gerow – Momma G-Row
10. The Big Kahuna – Bill Gerow
11. Jean, Jean the Dancin’ Machine
12. Jackie – Doo JBird Gerow
13. Tommy T-Man Gerow
Rodman Getchell BALC - N27 For Dwid, Getch, Monique, & Judy
Gina Giambattista ORCH - Z25 Enjoy the Show!
Giambattista & Cesari
Jody Gianni BALC - O20 Please save a #13 for BELLINAVICH
Richard Gianni BALC - N21 Richard Gianni
Kathleen Gifford ORCH - U10, U12 1. Tiny Bubbles
2. Chairman Meow
Laurel Gilmer ORCH - Y20 Laurel Gilmer & Patrick Boyle
Karen Gilovich ORCH - I2, I4, I6, I8, I10 The Gilovich/Krassner Family: The love of Art
Peter Glanville ORCH - V110 Flynn wuz here
Kent Goetz ORCH - R19 Kent Goetz in honor of Martha Dewey
Elizabeth Goldberg ORCH - Y18 The Goldberg Family
Ian Golden ORCH - S20, S22 Finger Lakes Running Company
Aaron Goldweber ORCH - Q17 Art Saves Lives
Gillian Gonda BALC - N205 #saylove
Cory Goodenough BALC - P31 To a daydream believer
Merri Goodrow ORCH - T105, T106 Family Friends Row
Merri & John Goodrow
Steve Gordon BALC - N1 State is Great! The Gordons
Matthew Gorney BALC - P5 We Love the State - Matt Dawn Lily and Nate
Elizabeth Graham ORCH - O15, O17 1. For Zerrillis, friends and community
2. For Grahams, friends and community
Lauren Graham ORCH - O23, O25 Maya Gasuk & Mark Rishniw
Bradley Grainger BALC - A209, A210 1. Brad and Mary Grainger
Garrison Keillor twice!
2. Grainger Girls & Friends
Nutcracker Ballet tradition
Aileen Grainger BALC - O212 Coat rack for aisle dancing. AGG IAC
Bruce Grannan BALC - O13 Bruce Grannan
Karl Granroth BALC - B203, B204, B205, B206, B207 There is an I in Community! Be that I - The Radloff-Granroths
Erik Gray ORCH - M13, M15 Music is the spice of life!
Erik & Julia Gray
Courtney Gray BALC - N37 Mya and Dylan Gray
Lesley Greene ORCH - F2, F4, F6, F8, F10 1. Christian
2. Tanya
3. Anneke
4. Lesley
5. Robbert
Jonathan Greene ORCH - D11 Jill, Jon, Audrey, & Isaac Greene
Michael Greene BALC - K3 Mike Greene
Greenscene Lawn & Garden ORCH - Row K GreenScene Lawn & Garden
Carolyn Greenwald ORCH - V107 Carolyn Greenwald
Karl Gregory BALC - J1 Enjoy the show!
- Karl Gregory
Jonathan Gregory ORCH - Y6 The Gregory Family - "Always remember there was nothing worth sharing, like the love that let us share our name" - The Avett Brothers
Jordan Gremli BALC - A5, A7, A9, A11, A13, A15 1 & 2. WVBR // Cornell Media Guild
3 & 4. // Cornell Media Guild
5 & 6. Electric Buffalo Records // Cornell Media Guild
Melissa Grey ORCH - M18, M20 Melissa Grey & Richard Stephens
Todd Griffin BALC - O211 Live for live music. Todd Griffin
Kristin Grossman ORCH - J2, J4, J6, J8, J10, J12, K2 1. 1st “Grossman Family” show 12.5.14
J & M in utero
2. Karie, Kyler, Owen, Aidan & Emmit Allison
3. Sam, Peggie, Eden, Charlie & Ben Grossman
4. Dave & Jacqui Grossman – Denver, CO.
5. B & A Barnett – enjoying The State since 1973
6. Kenneth & Barbara Horowitz
7. Jerry F. Fitzpatrick
Nancy Grossman BALC - P209 May the Music Never Stop - Don, Nancy, Sarah & Jayden
Denise Grout BALC - O27 Love this a child and as an adult! Denny
Mary E. Grover BALC - F26, F28 Doug when are you making ribs?
Luce Guanzini BALC - F17, F19 Given by Luce Guanzini and Mark Baustian
John Gutenberger ORCH - J18, J20 70+ Years of Fond Memories, John & Mary Gutenberger
Susan Gutenberger ORCH - J22 Growing up at the State,O,O,M Fitzberger
Eileen Hagerty BALC - N20 Andy Foster & Eileen Hagerty
Steven Hall BALC - G18, G20 Margy and Steve life long supporters
Suki Hall BALC - P19 Long live the live music! J&S Hall
Andrew Hallenberg BALC - N7 Save the grooves!
Benjamin Haller BALC - K20 In loving memory of Wilbur G. Downs
Rebecca Hamilton BALC - M14 In Honor of Dave Christie
Heidi Hanley BALC - N26 Keep the arts alive. Rock on State Theater!
Heidi and Jim Hanley
Pamela Hanna BALC - M27 Menzenski-Hanna Family 2020
Anthony Hanson ORCH - W9, W11 Thanks for all the great memories
The Hanson Family
Anthony Harris ORCH - W111 Decide what to be & go be it
Tony & Diane
Kenneth Harris ORCH - X106 Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll
Olivia Harrison BALC - D10, D12 George & Olivia Harrison
Bill Hastings ORCH - X104 Ithaca is great
Warm or cold, it's near Varna
Ellis is our home.
Bill and Marnie Hastings
Sean Havens ORCH - BB26 Sean & Nancy
Bernadette Heath BALC - J8 Sarah Heath
David Heck ORCH - N18, N20 Dave and Michelle Heck
Loretta Heimbuch ORCH - P9, P11 1.In memory of ROSE DOERIG HEIMBUCH
Max Heitner BALC - I201, I202 1. The Heitner-Cooperstock Family
2. FLLT Protection Team (Becky, Chris, Elizabeth, Gretchen, Kris and Max)
Ashley Helmholdt BALC - N201 Ashley and Nick Helmholdt
Susan Henninger BALC - C201, C202, C203, C204, C205 1. Save my Seat in 2020! Sue Henninger
2. Save my Seat in 2020! Neal Henninger
3. Save my Seat in 2020! Ray Henninger
4. Save my Seat in 2020! Russell Henninger
5. Save my Seat in 2020! Calvin Henninger
Philip Heptig ORCH - Y7, Y9 1. Peter L "fare you well, fare you well... I love you more than words can tell"
2. Peter Lawrence Auger, 1986-2020
David Hermans ORCH - Z15 Carl J Catracchia III
Alan Hess BALC - M31 Angelina and Alan
Spencer Hill BALC - N14 For my beautiful family - Jen, Jake, Jamie, and Ruby
Lawrence Hirschberger ORCH - L14, L16 Enjoy the Show!
Historic Ithaca/Significant Elements ORCH - U2, U4 1. Historic Ithaca
2. Significant Elements
Deborah Hoard BALC - I7 PhotoSynthesis Productions
Christopher Holmes BALC - P2 Comandante Holmes & Fermina Daza
Stacy Holstein ORCH - E8, E10 1. Bob Holstein
2. Stacy Buchler Holstein
Emme Hones BALC - K17 Nora Hones - Musician & Journalist
Jeffrey Honig BALC - C14, C16, C18, C20, C22 The Honig Family
Lawrence Honigbaum BALC - L2 Larry, Marne, Casey & Maya Honigbaum
Kathryn Hopkins BALC - M3 Nonnie loves State Theatre
Mary Hornbuckle BALC - O204 See you in 2021
Kathryn Hovis-Younger BALC - K16 Here's to more great shows!
Todd & Kathy
Allison Howe ORCH - T103, T104 Family Friends Row
Alli and Dave Howe
Amee Howe ORCH - R5 The Howe Family
Rod Howe BALC - L11 Mark Pedersen & Rod Howe: Love, Kindness, & Equanimity
Michael Howze ORCH - BB15 Michael, Delphia, and Najya Howze
Priscilla Hurdle BALC - P207 In memory of Mac, my favorite State date
Bob Huyler BALC - H23 Brenda Myers
Judith Hyman BALC - L18 Jeff Claus and Judy Hyman
David Iles ORCH - I21 Honoring Doug Levine-a great member of our community!
Brooke Ireland ORCH - M26 Aoife Wolfe
Chris Irving BALC - L27 Rock on!
Jennifer Irwin ORCH - P14, P16 Jen and Stan were here! We hope you enjoy the show!
Ithaca Area Economic Development ORCH - V105 Ithaca Area Economic Development
Ithaca Guitar Works ORCH - Row R Ithaca Guitar Works
Suzanne Jablonski ORCH - U107 The Jablonski Family
Patti Jacobson ORCH - O107 Suzanne “Gig” Gaglie
Jennifer Jacoby ORCH - W112 THE JACOBY FAMILY
In loving memory of PaBob
Jason Demarest Architects ORCH - V101 We hope you like the bathrooms! - JKDA
Kimberly Jaussi BALC - P12 Kim Jaussi "Find Lucky Stones"
Joan Jedele ORCH - V106 Joan and Jack
Jon M. Jensen ORCH - X101, X102 1. Mellow mood has got me so let the music rock me
2. I'm with Pete
Todd Jirousek ORCH - R21 Todd & Taryn Jirousek
Ann Johnson Orch - O3, O5 1. Masterpiece is funded in part by
2. Drs. Greg and Ann Johnson
Jessica Johnson BALC - E211 Always leave some room for spontaneity.
Lynn Johnson BALC - N202 You are sitting in Jack McGory's seat!
Carol Johnson ORCH - BB16 Peach & Plum
Sara Johnson ORCH - U25 In honor of Jim Dennis & Karen Powers
Joan Johnston ORCH - P2, P4 1. Joan Johnston, For 50 Years and Counting
2. Bob Johnston, Enjoyed Coming Here
Matthew Johnston BALC - Q204 Sweet sound, the energy of creation!
Joan Johnston BALC - F24 For the stars above.
Laurie Johnston BALC - Q6 Laurie J. Johnston
LOVES the State Theatre!
Harry Jonas BALC - E6, E8 Your friends at Corning Civic Music!
Theresa E. Jones ORCH - Q1, Q3, Q5, Q7 1. Theresa E. Jones
2. Mary C. Bontzolakes
3. Serenna L. McCloud
4. Elijah E. Fox
Andrew Jordan ORCH - U18 AJ+MF
William Joyce BALC - G17, G19 1. For Annie Joyce. Love, Mom and Dad.
2. For Emerson Rose Millspaugh. Love, Nana and Papa
Robert Joyce BALC - D211 Enjoy this beautiful theatre!
Ken Jupiter BALC - P211 Ken Jupiter and Carol Schmoock
Misty Kacal ORCH - S13 Steven and Misty Kacal
Mary Kadzielski BALC - I15 MonkeyBubbles
Lee Kaltman BALC - O6 The Kaltman Family
Mary Kane BALC - O206 Music lives long.
Mary Kane
Mark Kaplan ORCH - W113 Ben Kaplan, Ithaca College Class of 2019
Denice Karamardian DeSouza BALC - H10, H12 1. Saw my first movie here circa 1959, Denice Peter Karamardian
2. Savan Karamardian DeSouza
Kyle Karnes ORCH - L5, L7 Kyle & Evie Karnes
Layne Kasprzyk BALC - K26 We Want You To Be Happy! - Layne & Ginny
Calvin Kasulke ORCH - X22 In honor of Maples and O’Keefe
Daniel Katz ORCH - BB22 Daniel Katz
James Kearns ORCH - U14, U16 1. James Michael Kearns
2. Mary Katherine Kearns
Christopher Kelly ORCH - AA17 Christopher Kelly
Mary Kennedy BALC - O23 RAY REPP, Singer and Songwriter
Deborah Kennedy ORCH - Y21 Freddy Bear 55
Carl Kilgore BALC - M208 Graditude
Anne Killian BALC - O37 Magic Happens Here!
The Killian Rahm Family
Paula Kilts BALC - M9 Black Lives Matter
Leslie Kinsland ORCH - AA2, AA4 Penny Turco, Volunteer Extraordinaire
Annjeanette Kircher BALC - P33 You found us! John, Aj, Marley, Jared
Ari Kissiloff ORCH - T3 The Kissiloff Family
William Kline BALC - L205 Bill & Nancy Kline
Fans from Elmira
Barbara Knuth ORCH - G2, G4, G6, G8, G10 Barbara Knuth & Kurt Jirka
Sandra Kochevar BALC - I18, I20 1. So many memories and more to come, Ed Kochevar
2. Sandy Kochevar, Will be back many memories
Brandon Koek ORCH - AA12 Thanks for the memories! Looking forward to many more! - Koek Family
Matthew Kohberger ORCH - BB24 Inspiration, move me brightly!
Denise Kooperman BALC - O15 Enjoy the show!
David & Denise Kooperman
Jason Kovari ORCH - O11, O13 1. Howard Klein
2. Jason Kovari
Frances Kozen ORCH - M25, M27 Fran & Dexter celebrate The State Theater
Peter Krakow BALC - Q22 Kari & Peter Krakow
David Kraskow BALC - I2, I4 1. Honor Susan Spafford
Cayuga Chamber Orchestra
2. Honor Sarah Cummings
Cayuga Chamber Orchestra
Edythe Krauss BALC - K25 Krauss-Thorpe
Elizabeth Kreitinger BALC - O14 Mary & Joe Kreitinger
Julia Kretzmann BALC - L7 In Honor of Barbara Kretzmann
Scott Kronenbitter BALC - O5 Scott Kronenbitter
Joseph Kucher ORCH - Z23 PEACE
Kate Kula ORCH - X27 The Kula Family
Sigrid Kulkowitz BALC - O39 Kulkowitz/Hendel Clan
Benjamin Kuo ORCH - H11, H13, H15 1. Ben Kuo
Sharon Myers
2. Madelyn Kuo
3. Donovan Kuo
Michael Kuo BALC - B14, B16 Laura and Michael Kuo
Todd Kurzweil ORCH - L9, L11 Sunny Days of Ithaca loves the State!!!
Shirley Ladd BALC - G207, G208 1. Chuck Guttman...Long live music
2. Shirley Ladd....Let the music keep playing
Rowland Laedlein ORCH - BB13 Keep On; Sharyn and Rowland
Howard Lagoze ORCH - O108 Howie and Patti
Eric Laine BALC - N207 Thank you from the Laine family.
Frederic Laloux ORCH - U109 Dorothy Cotton
Stephen Lamb BALC - J18 Thanks the State Rocks !
Steve & Cindy Lamb
Bruce Lane BALC - A6, A8 1. I'm with Heather
2. I'm with Bruce
Thomas Lapham ORCH - BB20 Stan!
Laura Larson ORCH - Row L 1. Toni Morrison
2. Alex Haley
3. Carl Sagan
4. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
5. Vladimir Nabokov
6. Richard Feynman
7. Eleanor Henderson
8. Leslie Daniels
9. EB White
10. Kurt Vonnegut
11. Alison Lurie
12. Steven Strogatz
13. Eliza VanCort
Andrew Lasine BALC - O31 Sam and Sue
Jonathan Laskowitz ORCH - W5, W7 1. Theresa Lyczko
2. Jonathan Laskowitz
Kathryn Latour ORCH - Q18, Q20 1. Mike LaTour
Watching from above
2. Kathy LaTour
Still here
Diane Lauzun ORCH - P21, P23 Lauzun Family
Jane Law BALC - D25 Adam and Jane-Marie Law
Nathan Lazickas BALC - F34 Enjoy the Show! -The Hudson Hounds
Michael Ledbetter ORCH - F14, F16 1. Michael Ledbetter
2. Annie Ledbetter
David Lee BALC - C19, C21 Enrich my soul with the music of yours
L Lee BALC - K203 Hi, future State patron! Love from 2020!
Howard Leib BALC - K7 Donated by Marcie and Howard Leib
Aija Leiponen BALC - O16 The Wolf Leiponen family
Brent Lemberg BALC - H14, H16 1. Alison Lemberg
2. Brent Lembrg
Rita Leon BALC - Q20 Rita Leon rocked with Avett Bros
Nicholas Lepak BALC - P210 In memory of Dingo Lepak
Hands down best boy.
Rebecca Lerch ORCH - Q23, Q25 Rebecca Lerch & Avery Roberts
Rebecca Leshinski BALC - F18, F20 Bring On The Live Music!
J & B Leshinski
Ronni Levine BALC - A22, A24 Loyal fans of the State Theater
Ronni & Rick Levine
Doug Levine BALC - A26, A28, A30, A32 1. Team Levine- Doug!
2. Team Levine – Treva!
3. Team Levine – Griffin!
4. Team Levine – Lucy!
Jon Lewis ORCH - I1, I3, I5, I7, I9, I11, I13, I15, I17, I19 Jon Lewis, David White, Barry Long
Star Wars - 1977
Odette Lienau ORCH - J5, J7 In honor of Eyang, Situ, PopPop, and Dadu
Erich Lindhorst ORCH - O1 For my wife, Thena
Love always, Erich
Jillian Liner ORCH - W25 We will be back! The Liner’s
Carrie Lintz BALC - O33 Chuck Guttman and Shirley Ladd we’re saving you a seat. Love the Lintzes
Gerard Lippert ORCH - U110 From Jed, Kathy, Rory and Ryan who have enjoyed many great concerts in the Old State!
Sandra List ORCH - Y11 Sean Walsh (1967-2020)
Skynyrd Rules!
Peter Littman ORCH - B2, B4, B6, B8, B10 In Memory of Andrea Riddle
Peter Littman and Family
Alan Lockett BALC - O201 The Family of Donna Lockett
Corinna Loeckenhoff BALC - K28 The Guimbretiere/Loeckenhoff Family
James Loehr BALC - N31 The Caitlin and Jamie Loehr Family
Jeffrey Long BALC - L201, L202 1. So many amazing shows! Thank you. Longman & the girls
2. Mesmerized by Trey from this column!
Christine Vivian Lorenzo ORCH - V2, V4 1. Marek Przezdziecki
2. Vivian Lorenzo
Antonia Loveland BALC - P204 Toni Loveland
Marley Lubin ORCH - K1, K3 Greg & Marley love Ithaca's State Theatre!
Taiya Luce ORCH - L6, L8 Art Stern & Lauran Jacoby
Casey Lucier BALC - K6 “If music be the food of love, play on.”
Samuel Lupowitz BALC - J6 Samuel B. Lupowitz & Mandy Goldman
Gwyneth Lymberis ORCH - AA6 Penny Turco, Volunteer Extraordinaire
Lisa Lyons ORCH - Y15 Audrey Lyons - A Lifetime of Music
Corey MacAskill BALC - N235 Disregard this plaque, regard this theatre!
Lindsay Macconaghy ORCH - Z8 The best gift is to give - MacConaghys
Karl Madeo ORCH - U9 Linda & Karl Madeo
Emily Mader BALC - H26 I’ve just come for me sardines.
Amanda Maestro-Scherer ORCH - X19 for Cliff & Jane who love Ithaca & music
Peter Magnus ORCH - AA27 The Magnus Family
Tami, Erin, Kira & Pete
Kristine Mahoney ORCH - S14, S16, S18 Enjoy the Show!
Kristie, Andrew, and Emi
Kelly Makosch ORCH - P18, P20 1. We will sit, but only until the music starts
2. Kelly & Kenny
Brian Maley ORCH - V113 Imprinted on us, wherever we are - B&M
Clark Maloney ORCH - AA20 Maxwell C. Maloney
Clifford Malzman ORCH - Z18 Music is life.
Bobbi & Cliff Malzman
Richard Manning ORCH - Y8 Rick & Sally Manning
for Winter Village Music
Terri Manno ORCH - W106 Terri and Todd
Paul Manos BALC - M19 Lindsey Manos saw Illiterate Light & RKS
Paulette Manos BALC - P202 Enjoy!
Bill and Paulette Manos
Elana Maragni BALC - L30 Seat saved by W. Bunn. Don’t touch that dial!
John March BALC - L204 John March
Margaret Marchaterre BALC - E17, E19 Singing Fish
And The Beat Goes On
Timothy Marchell ORCH - X13, X15 In memory of
M. Susan Lewis
Roxanne Marino ORCH - P13, P15 1. In honor of music, arts, and friendship
2. MCH Love you to the moon, and back!
Heidi Marschner BALC - M210 In honor of Herr Drosselmeyer
Gary Marsden ORCH - O101 Rock on!
Wendy Marsh ORCH - K,20, K22, K24, O24, Q28, R28, S28, T28, M21, M23
BALC - E13, E15, M211
Wendy Marsh
Christopher Martelli BALC - P208 CHRIS MARTELLI, So many shows
Peggy Martin BALC - D201, D202, D203, D204, D205 1. Finny Martin
2. Berkeley Wilmot
3. Hudson Wilmot
4. Kai Wilmot
5. Harvey Campbell
Beverly Martin ORCH - F12 God Bless The USA
Amanda Massa BALC - J2, J4 1. Robert J McMahon & Amanda Massa 7/29/16
2. George & Mary McMahon
Mary Mathios BALC - N13 Mathios Family
Marisa Matsudaira BALC - O2 For Laurel Matsudaira, with love
Taryn Mattice BALC - N12 Enjoy the show! - Noah Mattice
Neil Mattson BALC - N29 The Mattson Family
Justin Mawhir BALC - M33 Priscilla Mawhir
Friend of the Arts
Cheryl Maxian BALC - M13 Born 1945. Survived the 6O’s twice. Rock on.
Dina Maxwell BALC - D21, D23 Theater Rules! In honor of James “Buddy” Woodridge
Michael Mazza BALC - J19 ONELOVE - The Mazza Family
Jessica McArt ORCH - H1, H3, H5, H7, H9 1. Scott & Jess McArt
2. Sigrid & Taz McArt
3. James & Betty & Manuka
4. Michael C. T. Smith
Linda L. D. Smith
5. Ebba & Craig McArt
Leslyn McBean-Clairborne BALC - I12 J.R., Leslyn & Indira are in da house!
Kathleen McCabe ORCH - Z5 Andy McCabe
Ithaca College 2020
Keith McCafferty BALC - D1, D3 Keith and Eileen
Life is a song. Love is the music.
Timothy McCarthy ORCH - T10, T12 Donated by the McCarthy family of Morrisville,NY.
Mark McCarthy BALC - A1, A3 Reneta and Mark McCarthy
Rita McCarthy ORCH - Z17 Pup raiser and friend of longest acquaintance
Matthew McCarty BALC - P18 Matthew McCarty
Brandy McClarnon ORCH - Y2, Y4 3. Mommy Loves u More! Hero & Destiny Dream
2. Disashi Soul Love Life & Live a Little!
Kate McClintic BALC - E25 The McClintic Family
Alexandra McCloud BALC - P27 Finn & Tobin McCloud
Ellen McCollister BALC - F201, F202 Ellen McCollister and Robert Frank
Janette McCord ORCH - Z11 Anthony and Shane Scarofile
Susan McCormick BALC - C2, C4, C6, C8, C10 Susan McCormick
Peter McCracken BALC - F5, F7 The McGermannens
Brianna McCune ORCH - Z13 Pork Belly and Love
Ryan & Bree McCune
Heather McDaniel ORCH - V104 Heather McDaniel
Michael McGandy BALC - F205, F206 Cora A. McGandy
Beatrice A. McGandy
Ashlee McGandy ORCH - W21, W23 Michael & Ashlee M.
Shilo McGiff BALC - G5, G7 Shilo McGiff & Justin Johnson
Tom Mcgonagle BALC - N11 Love to all — Tom & Anne McGonagle
Brian McKinley BALC - K10 The McKinleys
Mary Jane McKinven ORCH - Z21 Once saw movies here, now I see stars MJ McKinven
Scott McNany ORCH - Z6 For you. I think you are great.
Jean McPheeters ORCH - O105, O106 Daniel and Jean McPheeters
Nancy Medkser BALC - C11, C13 Let the Show Go On...
Michael Mellor BALC - Q7 For Mark Mellor
Love, Mike and Barbara Mellor
Leah Mendelson BALC - Q13 Mendelson Family
Owego, NY
Jay and Jillian
Michael Messersmith ORCH - L21, L23 1. Amy & Mike Messersmith
2. Ann & Dave Horan
Gary Meyer BALC - N15 In Memory of Nora LaLomia
Leslie Meyerhoff ORCH - X23 Timothy and Leslie Meyerhoff
Gregory Mezey BALC - F22, F24 Gregory Mezey & Ryan Mitchell
Deanna Middaugh BALC - H18, H20 1. Jennifer Middaugh and Tom Sayers Family and The Sim Redmond Band
2. Dee Middaugh, Hoping to save this beautiful place.
Robert Miettunen BALC - J26 Chapter House best Goalie!!!
Jeffrey Mildenberg BALC - B19, B21 “WE LOVE YOU BOB!!!!”
James Millar BALC - J27 Alta M.
Scott Miller ORCH - W16, W18 Beth Saulnier & Scott Miller
Enjoy the show!
Alan Miller BALC - N39 To Many More Magical Musical Moments!
Elisa Miller-Out BALC - L35 Miller-Out Family
Nathan Miner ORCH - Y25 Nate’s State
Mark Mingos ORCH - F13 Mark & Katrina Mingos
‘The show must go on!’
Mary A. Mirabella BALC - P14 The Wangabellas
Barbara Mitchell ORCH - V1, V3 1. David Cedarbaum
2. Barbara Mitchell
Kerry Mizrahi ORCH - T11 Ross and Kerry Mizrahi
David A. Mohler ORCH - X2, X4 The Mohler Family
Christine Monacelli ORCH - R17 David M. Monacelli
Nana Monaco BALC - I10 Nana & Dakota Potenza
Susan Monagan BALC - Q16 Susie Monagan and Richard Guttridge
Timothy Montroy ORCH - BB14 Tim Montroy helped save a seat at the State
Lorraine Moran BALC - F6, F8 The STATE
Preserve History Love Artists
Molly Morgan ORCH - Q14, Q16 Bill and Molly Morgan
Jamie Morrisey BALC - N23 Jamie Morrisey
Benjamin Moss BALC - I21 Emmie Bear Moss
Simeon Moss BALC - N8 Ryland Simeon Moss
Caitlin Sim Moira
Heather Mount ORCH - Q27 The Mounts love live music!
Patrick Moylan BALC - H15 The Moylan Family
Ithaca, NY
Daniel Mullin BALC - P23 Dan Mullin
Live Music Lover
Luis Munoz BALC - M209 Love you State Theater. Luis was here!
Jonathan Munson ORCH - Row N In Memory of Paul and Ann Munson
Shane Murphy BALC - E18, E20 1. Jamie Phillips
If I could you know I would
2. Mark Murphy
Just hold your hand & you'd understand
Marianne Murphy BALC - N17 The Murphy family loves the State Theatre! So many memories.
Stacey Murphy ORCH - F11 The Murphy Family
Bill, Stacey, & Ethan
Steven Murphy BALC - O26 Every Seat is Great at the State!
Hannah Murray ORCH - T25 The Murrays of Candor love the State!
Melissa Musiker BALC - G9, G11 Adam Tope & Melissa Musiker
We fell in love in Ithaca
Kathleen Nash BALC - Q208 Cheers to Music & Friends
KathyN KathyD Linda P
Joseph Natoli ORCH - X103 Valerie E. Natoli
Michael Neely ORCH - T101, T102 Family Friends Row
MB Ihnken/M Neely
Harry Nichols BALC - J203 The Nichols Family
Cynthia Nicholson ORCH - Y27 Steve and Cindy Nicholson
Michael Niemack BALC - E201, E202, E203, E204, E205 1. Robert Niemack & Ann Hassett
2. Michael Niemack
3. Linnea Niemack
4. Juliana Niemack
5. Maren Vitousek
Mary Beth Norton BALC -P13 In honor of Richard Polenberg
Scott Nostrand ORCH - H8, H10, H12, H14 1. Jigsaw filling into place - Sean
2. Always be floatin' on the freshies - Greg
3. Breathe, pedal, breathe - Val Nostrand
4. If you get confused just listen to the music play
Amy Nostrand BALC - J16 In honor of JWN, a 1950’s Ithaca musician
John Nyquist ORCH - O10, O12 1. John and Kathy Nyquist "The show must go on."
2. Erin Nyquist "I dreamed a dream..."
Jerryvonne Nyrop ORCH - P6, P8 1. Jan Nyrop
2. Jeri Nyrop
Jessica Ober BALC - Q202 Jessica Ober & Jaydee Benjamin
Matthew O'Donnell ORCH - W101 This must be the place-Kellan & Reilly
Jon Ohnezeit BALC - M10 J.W. Ohnezeit
Douglas Olsen BALC - J3 Doug & Letty
DSO Rocks Ithaca!
Tara O'Malley BALC - L31 Sam Innes & Tara O’Malley
William Opperman BALC - L15 Keeping Ithaca Rockin'!
Chet Osadchey ORCH - N2, N4 1. Chet Osadchey - sat here for Jason Isbell!
2. Bonnie Osadchey-sat here for Jason Isbell!
Brooke Osadchey BALC - K210 To the best dad: Chet Osadchey
Edward Osiecki ORCH - P10, P12 Mary and Ozzie
The Show Must Go On
Shaianne Osterreich BALC - C15, C17 In Memory of Norbert and Shelley Osterreich
Marisa Page BALC - I209, I210, I211 1. Andrew Page
2. Marisa Page
3. Elliot Page
Linda Pasto BALC - O210 Pasto Family loves Ithaca
J Ritchie Patterson BALC - G22, G24 The Pattersons
Lisa Patti BALC - O4 The D'Alterio Family
Kelly Patwell BALC - K14 Live life, get dirty.
Stephen Paul ORCH - T26 Let's get the show on the road.
Taylor Peck BALC - J17 From Lory & Gretchen
For all the shows
Elizabeth Peck BALC - M202 Enjoy The Show! The Peck-Wendel Family
Pat Pederson BALC - L13 Rich Heffernan
Brian Pendell ORCH - W17, W19 1. Brian Pendell DHS 1981
2. Lisa Alexander DHS 1982
Judith Peraino ORCH - Y13 Judith A. Peraino and Carmen Enid Martínez
Irma Perez ORCH - Z22 KIBI
Linda Perry BALC - F10, F12 Frank & Linda Perry
Brian Petak BALC - E32, E34 1. Lay one on me Jane - Donald Sheldon
2. Right here Don, always - Jane Sheldon
Jean Peterson BALC - P203 Jean Peterson and Ken Erway
Wade Pickren ORCH - U17 Alexandra Rutherford
Amanda Piha BALC - P3 Amanda, Isaac, and Garrison Piha
Gregory Pilgrim ORCH - J9, J11 Greg Pilgrim + Caitlin Baldwin
Jared Pittman BALC - H21 Say Love. - The Avett Brothers
Anne Plaine ORCH - X26 David A Plaine, CBC
Rebecca Plante BALC - H25 For Dolly & Morris. Grandmother, I finally took you to the theatre!
Belma Pobric ORCH - Z10 In Loving Memory of Julia Forman
Joel Podkaminer BAL - G30, G32 Tina and Joel Podkaminer
Richard & Felicia Poes ORCH - O112 Let the Good Times Roll - The Poes Family
Jordan Polak ORCH - Z7 The Polak Family
Phoenixville, PA
David Poland BALC - Q17 Dave "Polecat" Poland and Lady Grace love the music and "The State"
Ronald Politi BALC - Q9 The Politi Family
Laura Pollock ORCH - O18, O20 Laura and CJ Pollock
Christopher Pollock BALC - L203 Chris Pollock and Kerry Curran
Andrea Potochniak ORCH - N21, N23 1. AP & DC @ TMBG
March 27, 1995
2. In Memory of
Adam Schlesinger
Hannah Potts BALC - L19 Well isn’t this fat city?
John Powell ORCH - X14, X16 Dance like nobody is watching!
Brett Powell BALC - O19 Anderson Powell "You only need the edge"
Paul Powers ORCH - L25 Wally and Joanne Powers
Leita Powers ORCH - Y14 Dennis Alley
The play is over, applaud!
Katie Prasek BALC - N31 Rise Up!
The Prasek Family
Martha K. Preston ORCH - O102 Glad to be in “Gary’s Gang”
Martha K. Preston
Colleen Price ORCH - Q21 Jack, Lilly, & Teddy Price
Patrick Price BALC - M16 Cornell 5.8.77
Patrick J. Price
Matthew Pritchard ORCH - AA23 Matthew Pritchard
Sara Beth Pritchard ORCH - S21, S23 1. Barbara D. Pritchard
2. Sara Pritchard & Ron LeCain
Allison Pritts ORCH - Q22, Q24 Marvin & Allison Pritts
Gail Provine ORCH - R22 In memory of Will Provine
Julie Purdy BALC - O22 Purdy and Pelton Families
Brigitta Putnam BALC - N6 Della Rose-
Enjoy the show! Love Mom & Dad
Randi Quackenbush BALC - N16 Randi Lynn Quackenbush & Kevin Pilcher
Hana Rab BALC - L6 You are Love
Esther Racoosin BALC - O29 EMEF heart the State; loved David Byrne, OKGO, Running to Places!
Brian Rahm ORCH - W24, W26 Brian Rahm
Ravi Ramakrishna ORCH -V14, V16 From an anonymous fan
Daniel Rapaport BALC - M22 Dan Rapaport Consulting
Francesco Raponi BALC - J209 Frank and Darcy
James Reath ORCH - AA26 Sharon & James Reath
Michael Redlin ORCH - W1, W3 Wonderful Memories
Mike and Dawn
Leo Redmond BALC - G14, G16 Leo and Nancy, grateful for the State and for BB King concert in the early 1980s!
Nancy Reid BALC - E9, E11 Former Ithaca Ballet dancers Nan & Jim
Lindsey Reider ORCH - T27 Love is Music, and Music is Love. Be Kind.
Nathan Reimer ORCH - U22 The Reimer Family
Elizabeth Remsen ORCH - N6, N8 1. Getting through with you! Lita & Jim
2. Getting through with you! Jim & Lita
Kristina Rennekamp BALC - G13, G15 Kristi Rennekamp and Michael Fleming
Thomas Reyer BALC - O205 Sounds good, Tomas
Bruce Richards BALC - M11 Bruce Richards
James Richardson BALC - O7 James Richardson
Sandra Richolson BALC - Q206 Byron & Sandy Richolson
Good Times at The State!
Sarah Ridenour BALC - H2, H4 1. In loving memory of Jeanette Shady
2. In loving memory of George Ridenour
Nancy Ridenour ORCH - O109 Enjoy the show!
Nancy V. Ridenour
Diana Riesman ORCH - E11 To Doug Levine
from Wharton Studio Museum
Cheryl Rigas ORCH - M1, M3, M5, M7 1 & 2. Eleni & Dina Rigas
3 & 4. Charles Preston & Cheryl Rigas
Marjory Rinaldo-Lee BALC - H1, H3, H5, H7, H9, H11, H13 1. Alexander Lee
2. Marjory Rinaldo-Lee
3. Julia Aquadro
4. David Lee
5. Lila Aquadro
6. Nick Aquadro
7. Josephine Aquadro
Robert Riter ORCH - AA10 Bob Riter
Native of WV
At Home in Ithaca
Karen Ritter BALC - Q12 Billy and Karen Ritter Scranton,Pa We ❤️ Ithaca
Betsey Roberts ORCH - L2, L4 Betsey Windmuller Roberts & Willard Lloyd
Martha Robertson ORCH - U11 Loving the State! Martha and Steve Robertson
Richard Robinson ORCH - S27 Rye and Clay Robinson
Anne Rocheleau BALC - L3 In honor of David and Kathleen Rocheleau
John G. Rogers BALC - M25 Gnomes are dancing naked, fairies singing angels soaring!!
John Romag BALC - G2, G4, G6, G8 1. John Romag
2. Mel Romag
3. Mandy Gurung
4. Diwas Gurung
Alli Romano ORCH - T22 Alli Romano & Seth Cohen
Peter Romano ORCH - AA25 Thank you for sharing music with us
Rebecca Root ORCH - Y22 In Memory of Joseph A. Root
Illegitimi non carborundum
Alan Rose BALC - K8 Alan Rose
Live music &
Restless Elements
Rita Rosenberg ORCH - W6, W8 1. The Show Must Go On! 2020 Rita Rosenberg Barber
2. The Show Must Go On! 2020 Don Barber
Steven Rosenblum BALC - N212 Group W bench
Jill Rosentel ORCH - X21 The Rosentels Survived 2020
Catherine Rossiter ORCH - V19, V21 Cat Rossiter & Kirk Tolhurst
Monika Roth BALC - P20 Monika Roth
Peter Rothbart BALC - B201, B202 Gift of Peter Rothbart and Linda Uhll
Matthew Rouff ORCH - R23 The Rouff Family
Scott Rougeau ORCH - J1 LET’S GO KNICKS!
Aaron Rovitz ORCH - V27 Rovitz Family
Gordon Rowland BALC - O208 Say Her Name
Margaret Royall BALC - E5, E7 1. Love it here.
2. “Music was my refuge."
-Maya Angelou
Katrina Rudmin BALC - M7 The Hill Family
Betsy Rudolph BALC - M206 In Honor of Jeffrey and Steven Carman
Nerissa Russell ORCH - T24 Enjoy the show!
Karen Ruston BALC - K9 Miles Ruston
I saw my first show here
Alexandra Rutherford ORCH - U19 Wade Pickren, A Lover of Music and Life
John Ryan ORCH - J3 John/Anneke Ryan
Gretchen Ryan ORCH - Z26 Luka S. Ryan-O'Connor
Amelia Safi ORCH - L13, L15 Basil Safi & Amelia Greiner Safi
Jamie Saine BALC - H19 Tony & Jamie Sainte
October 17, 2015
Hattie Saltonstall ORCH - V10, V12 Enjoy the show
Arthur Samplaski BALC - N206 In Honor of Actress Meg Elliott
Ben Sandberg BALC - F38 Hollenbeck's Cider Mill - Matt and Sara
Nicholas Sanders ORCH - Q13, Q15 1. Donna and Dwight Sanders
2. Alicia, Chris, Emily, and Nick Sanders
Natalia Santamaria ORCH - K23 Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)
Tracy Santimaw BALC - K12 Logan Santimaw
Trouble ahead, trouble behind
Jeff Saracco ORCH - G15 The Spooner-Saracco Family
Brandon Saylor ORCH - U111, U112 1. The Saylors
Let’s get funky!
2. Terry & Brandon Saylor
Joseph Scaffido BALC - O17 Scaffido Family
Jenifer Scales BALC - P4 Barbara Kane-Lewis, 1949-2020
Todd Schack BALC - O21 To All Past, Present and Future Musicians: Rock On!!!
With Love, Dorian Schack & Family
Jane Schantz BALC - I9 Be Kind!
Alan D. Scheer ORCH - W13, W15 The Scheers
Joe Schill ORCH - R15 Schill Family
Martin Schlabach ORCH - Z24 Mary Jean & Marty
Fred Schoeps BALC - B209, B210 In Memory of Rudolf and Margot Schoeps
Theodore Schreppel BALC - G211 Ted & Edie Schreppel IC '53/'52
John Schroeder ORCH - X109 John Schroeder
Caitlin Schryver ORCH - X113 Enjoy the show! - Tom Schryver
William Schu ORCH - S1, S3 Billy and Becky Schu
Minh Tho Schulenberg BALC - K209 Levon, Lucinda and Ray.
Jan Schwartzberg BALC - D32, D34 Enjoy the show!
Kimberly Schweiger ORCH - T17 Schweiger’s Sweet Seat
Sciarabba Walker & Co., LLP ORCH - Row O Sciarabba Walker & Co., LLP
Lynnette Scofield ORCH - U108 Dave Dier—-true lover of music
Jeremy Segal BALC - J24 Much gratitude for letting me film here -JSegal
Mary Lu Seidel BALC - N204 Blessings on you and all you love
Stefan Senders BALC - Q8 WITH LOVE FROM
Andrew Shakalis BALC - P22 Andrew Shakalis
David Shapiro ORCH - J21 In honor of Solomon Shapiro's Bar Mitzvah - November 6th, 2020
Rachael Shapiro BALC - O9 Rachael Shapiro
Carl Shatraw ORCH - AA16 Megan and Carl Shatraw
Katie Shaw ORCH - U102 Rachel Grant
The Pineapple of Friends
Catherine Shearer BALC - J201, J202 Enjoy!
Scott Sheavly BALC - M203 In Memory of Tom and Jeanne Sheavly
Richard Sheiman BALC - O202 You are awesome Ivy Sheiman. Love Dad
Brigid Shipman BALC - K5 The Shipman family
Lisa Shipos BALC - D5, D7 1. Anna and was a wonderful life.
2. It was a wonderful life
Bradley Sick BALC - Q205 Rowan and Caleb Sick
Elizabeth Sicuro BALC - L211 The Sicuro Family
GOD bless us all.
Jules Sieburgh BALC - F36 Karen & Jules Sieburgh
James Sigman BALC - P206 Enjoy yourself. I did.
James Sigman
Veronica Silverstein ORCH - AA3 We love you infinitely Grammie and Papa!
Andrea Simitch BALC - L21 DAX*ANDREA*VAL*EVA
Thomas Simkulet BALC - M1 l'homme ach tais
Kim Simmons BALC - I19 To honor the Simmons and Perry families
Eric Simon ORCH - M2, M4 Long Live The State | Simon Family IC’95
John Simon BALC - Q203 Lynne & John
Love, Peace and Music
Heather Simpson ORCH - N25, N27 1. MaryAnn Simpson
2. Roger Simpson
Lindsey Simrell BALC - G26, G28 1. In memory & love: Jack Engel Young
2. In memory & love: Jane V. Engel
Judy Singer ORCH - G11, G13 1. Robert H. Ainslie
2. Judy L. Singer
Marie Sirakos ORCH - K9, K11 Love, Marie and The Vintage Industry
Susan Sisinni ORCH - AA22 The show must go on!
Murali Sitaraman ORCH - N9, N11 1. Black Lives Matter.
2. We Love Ithaca!
Mary Slade BALC - D9, D11 Paul & Mary "Dee-dee" Slade
Matthew Slimskey BALC - G209, G210 Bacon & Eggs
Bridget Slocum BALC - M15 The Slocum Family-Eric, Bridget, Maura, & Bradford
Fran and Pat Smith
Barbara Smith ORCH - Z9
Dean Smith ORCH - X108 Dean Smith
Sara Smith ORCH - Y17 doug beka teresa veronica sara jw cole lily g-ma
Social Ventures, Inc. BALC - B23, B25 1. Sara Hess
2. Jeff Furman
Deborah Sollosi BALC - O11 Deborah Sollosi
Mason Sopchak ORCH - Y23 Team Mystic Inner Circle
Margaret Soulstein BALC - E206, E207, E208, E209, E210 1. Seth Koozel Soulstein
2. Sylvia Rose Soulstein
3. Margaret Mae Soulstein
4. Henry Koozel Soulstein
**in the stars**
5. Jayne E. Soulman
Laurel Southard BALC - G203, G204 Let the shows continue!
Laurel Southard and Gwen Seaquist!
Jed Sparks ORCH - C1, C3, C5, C7, C9 The Sparks family loves live music!
Donald Spector ORCH - J17, J19 Donald Spector & Stacia Zabusky
Elizabeth Sprout BALC - O1 The Sprout Family
Sheila Squier BALC - M2 In honor of Cecile "Cease" Yaksich loving Aunt to Sheila, Michele and Pennee Squier
Peter St. John BALC - C206, C207, C208, C209, C210 1. Lisa St. John
2. Peter St. John
3. Charlie St. John
4. Elizabeth St. John
5. Henry St. John
Katherine Stallings BALC - I1, I3 WE SAW WALK THE MOON HERE!
Ami Stallone BALC - M23 Martin & Ami Stallone
Douglas Stayman BALC - G212 Nina Cummings and Doug Stayman
Julie Steele Herson ORCH - T2, T4 1. "That reminds me of a song" Tom Herson
2."You've got to have faith" Ann Herson
Sandra Stein ORCH - T19 In loving memory of
Stu Stein
Gail Steinhart ORCH - N1, N3 1. Mary Ellen Carollo
2. Gail & Joe
Peggy Stevens BALC - M5 For John C. March
Wish You Were Here
Sayre Stevens BALC - O207 Long live the State!
Sayre and Liz Stevens, Watertown, NY
Mary Stewart ORCH - S19 In Memory of Harry, Josie, & Teddy Bear
Rebecca Stillwell BALC - J23 Michael (Mijail) Martinez
Sweetness and Fire
David K. Stilwell ORCH - T23 Kevin Stilwell
J.T. Stone BALC - J14 J.T. Stone
Brian Stoos BALC - M8 Brian, Kari, and Estella Stoos
Robert Strebel ORCH - N14, N16 Patricia and Robert Strebel
Leslie Strebel ORCH - C6, C8 1. Leslie Strebel loves dancing here!
2. Paul Strebel loves great music!
William Stringer ORCH - Y3 Wil & G - because the Arts matter too.
Elizabeth Stuelke BALC - G10, G12 1. Tiger
2. Puma
Karen Stuhldreher BALC - P29 Diane Jerdan with love from your sister
Susan Suarez BALC - L25 Wayne + Susan + Rose + Jesse
Ann Sullivan ORCH - K5, K7 1. Nick Salvatore
So Many Good Memories
2. Ann Sullivan
Music Endures
Angela Sullivan BALC - L9 Angela Sullivan & Dan Kopcow
Kristi Sullivan BALC - P205 In memory of Carter Danforth Thomas, beloved friend and music lover
Roxanne Sullivan ORCH - Z27 KHAAANNN!
Jennifer Sun BALC - E21, E23 Jennifer Sun & Kirk Smith
Glenn Swanson ORCH - Y24 In honor of Roger A. Swanson
Lisa Swayze ORCH - Y26 For Robert, for when you are not dancing on stage.
Thomas Swensen ORCH - Z14 Thomas Swensen
Ellice Switzer BALC - M201 Joel & Ellice Switzer
Mark Szarnicki BALC - K23 Kirk & Mark
40+ years of great shows!
Doletha Marian Szebenyi ORCH - S2, S4 The Szebenyis
Helen Talty BALC - K27 The Talty Family
Joan Tardif BALC - P10 The Tardif-Janowsky Family
Therese Tarshus ORCH - L10, L12 Hilton Garden Inn Ithaca
Chuck Tauck ORCH - Row E 1. Phish – February 14, 1991
2. George Carlin – March 28, 2004
3. David Crosby & Graham Nash, October 20, 2008
4. Levon Helm – March 5, 2010
5. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – February 3, 2011
6. Joan Baez & Kris Kristofferson – November 6, 2011
7. Loretta Lynn – March 31, 2012
8. The Avett Brothers – April 22, 2012
9. Glen Campbell – October 25, 2012
10. John Prine - April 13, 2013
11. B.B. King – April 11, 2014
12. Wilco – September 23, 2015
13. Bob Weir & The Wolf Bros – Feb 28, 2019
Jennifer Tavares BALC - I6 In Memory of John Fahs
Nathan Tavares BALC - J20 Jennifer & Nathan Tavares
Eric Taylor BALC - M37 Let the show go on! -Eric Taylor
Vicki Taylor Brous BALC - F207, F208 G & V married here 11-16-10
Jennifer Tegan BALC - O3 Jennifer Tegan
Richard Tegtmeier BALC - Q210 Ricky Tegtmeier & The Tegtmeier Family
"Never forget to Adjust Your Base Line (AYBL)"
David Telford BALC - N3 Dave & Patti Telford
Star Wars here 1977
Verne Thalheimer ORCH - V6,V8 1. My Parents Swing
2. Nixon Slept Here
Theresa Thomas BALC - P1 Mike and Terry Thomas
Anne Thomas ORCH - Z16 Jim - You rock! Love A, W and K
Michael Thonney BALC - L207 Michael Thonney
Pamela Thorne BALC - L26 The Michael Thorne Family LOVES
The State Theatre of Ithaca
Emelia Thygesen BALC - Q209 Emily & Christian Thygesen
Tompkins Trust Company ORCH - Rows A & B -
Jessica Tracey ORCH - R18, R20 1. Jessica Tracey
2. Bruce Tracey
Mack Travis ORCH - Row C Carol & Mack Travis
Travis Hyde Properties ORCH - Row M Travis Hyde Properties
Lisa Trent BALC - O25 Lisa + Fredrick
Karen Trible ORCH - X9, X11 1. Karen Trible
2. Erik Westwig
Dale Trombley BALC - G1, G3 Keep our seats warm until we get here
Jeffrey Trondsen ORCH - Z1, Z3 1. Luis Jose Munoz
2. Lauren and Jeff Trondsen
Christopher Trudeau ORCH - N5, N7 1. No matter where you go, there you are.
2. Well, nobody's perfect.
Jeffrey True BALC - G201, G202 Sue Schattschneider & Jeff True
Alexandra True BALC - Q18 Enjoy the Show!
Brenda Truesdail BALC - K211 Be True was here!
Great Shows!!
Bradley Tucker BALC - I13 Steal Your Face
-Mr. & Mrs. Dubberg and Mr. & Mrs. Radiotuck
Douglas Turnbull ORCH - D12 The Turnbulls Love the State!
Leigh Ulrich BALC - O8 Riley, Eli & Jamie Lasda
Michael Van Amburgh BALC - P17 Mike and Elisa - We love the State
Guy Van Benschoten BALC - A17, A19 1. Guy Van Benschoten
2. Sandy Van Benschoten
Olaf van Bruggen BALC - A21, A23 Olaf & Quirine
Barbara Van Dyk BALC - K13 For starters: 101 Dalmations, 1961.
Barbara VD
Zoe Van Nostrand ORCH - Q2, Q4 1. Elaine Papageorge - For the love of local music and many dances to come
2. David Hudson - Enjoying music with a view of the stars
Saskya van Nouhuys BALC - D206, D207, D208, D209, D210 1. Mieke Ruina
2. Prachi Ruina
3. Andy Ruina
4. Tuuli
5. Saska van Nouhuys
Ronald Van Ormer ORCH - P17, P19 1. Ruben
2. Cherise
Stijn van Osselaer BALC - D14, D16, D18, D20, D22 1. In honor of Nicki Zawel
2. In honor of Melissa Rooklidge
3. In honor of Michael Allen
4. In honor of Kristin Zaryski
5. In honor of Janet Galvan
Tanya Vanasse BALC - G205, G206 1. Dean Twin, Florence Heffernan
2. Dean Twin, Regina Heffernan
Robert VanBrunt ORCH - X10, X12 Rob Van Brunt
Allan Vandemark BALC - N25 The VanDeMark Family
Dorothy Vanderbilt BALC - E24, E26 1. Dorothy Vanderbilt
2. Christopher Christensen
Steven VanDeWeert BALC - F25 Let’s Go Kicks!
Jane Vanscoy BALC - D24, D26 1. Vanscoy family
2. The Manhattan Club
JoAnne Vanscoy BALC - L210 Robert and JoAnne
Paul Velleman BALC - L1 Paul & Sue
Amanda Verba BALC - E2, E4 Dear Theatre,
We love you
Aubryn & Amanda
Daniel Verderosa ORCH - AA7 Lampboy
Rita Vickroy BALC - Q11 Rita Egan Vickroy & Ronald Vickroy
Alan Vogel BALC - N203 Alan & Marilyn Vogel
Jasmine Wagner BALC - L10 Enjoy the show!
The Wagner Family
Jeffrey Wagner BALC - J25 In memory of Darrell Devoe
Margaret Wakeley ORCH - U113 In honor of my sons, Casey & Sam Harris.
Louis Walcer BALC - N24 Gift of Louis Walcer and Roberta Bandel-Walcer
Brian Walder ORCH - S17 In Loving Memory of Jane Krainin
Emily Walker ORCH - M6, M8, M10 1. Tonight will change you
2. Feel the inspiration
3. Cherish this moment
Julia Walker BALC - B12 Kevin Hatch and Julia Walker
Roberta Wallitt BALC - O35 In memory of Linda Perline & shared music
Patricia Walsh ORCH - W10, W12 Good times here!
Pat and Brian Walsh
Edmund Walsh BALC - V109 Maggie and Ted Walsh
Keep the Arts Alive
Robert Walsh ORCH - X107 Bob & Nancy Walsh
Sophie Wang BALC - J11 Marlee Weill & Sophie Wang
Sep 14, 2017
Sha Wang BALC - M24 Sha & Ryan Family
Debra Watkins ORCH - J13, J15 Steve and Debbie Watkins and Family
Elizabeth Watkins ORCH - J14, J16 1. Necking in the balcony since 1950’s, Gutie & Mary
2. Bruce, Betty, Laura, Sarah & Adam Watkins
Michael Watkins BALC - J5 Mike, Annie, Mikey, & Katie Watkins
Nancy Webster BALC - I8 Rot N Roll
Michael Webster BALC - K29 Mike & Lyn Websterk
Mathew Webster ORCH - S15 For Hugh F. Webster
Georgiann Wei ORCH - T13 To Honor And Celebrate William Thibault
Jennifer Weinraub BALC - D6, D8 Covid be damned. Play on!
Mitch Weiss BALC - M35 Mitch & Martha
Beauty & the Beast Storytellers
Elliott Weissmann BALC - M17 The Scott D. Weissmann Family
Get up and dance!
Elena Welch ORCH - U27 In Memory of Steven E. Welch
1953 - 2018
Monica Wellings ORCH - I12, I14, I16, I18, I20 1. Michael Politi
2. Roman Politi
3. Elena Politi
4. Monica Wellings
5. Roman Politi
Tatiana Werbizky ORCH - F30, F32 Tania Werbizky & Brad Edmondson
Jesse Werzinger BALC - C1, C3, C5, C7, C9 For The Boys
Benjamin Werzinger BALC - J13 FOR THE BOYS
Leah West ORCH - U104 A GIFT FROM
Marcus Whalen BALC - F203, F204 Michael & Catherine Whalen
Barbara Wheater ORCH - R10, R12 1. Douglas Mann
2. Maggie Zansitis
Matthew White ORCH - R24 Greetings from 2020
Bill White BALC -L29 In Memory of Alice Reid
Founder of Ithaca Ballet
Rommia White ORCH - U5 Bill White, best dad ever.
Kelly White ORCH - U21 Lovey Fuzzface Bouchie
Lisa Whitman ORCH - O19, O21 1. Megan Whitman
2. Paul Allen
Peter Whitson ORCH - H2, H4, H6 1. Lila Whitson-gifted us a love of theater.
2. Lou Whitson-born on the vaudeville stage.
3. The Whitsons-annual Nutcracker tradition
Jeffrey Wick ORCH - K17 How strange it is to be anything at all - NMH
Lisa Wickham ORCH - S25 David and Lisa
Brenda Wiemann BALC - L4 The Wiemann Family
Eric Wiessinger BALC - L208 DRW & MTR who love the theater!
William Henry Miller Inn, LLC BALC - F211, F212 The William Henry Miller Inn
Linda Williams ORCH - W20, W22 Lindy Williams
Savannah Williams BALC - I5 For our mother Marcia, a lover of music.
Linda Willis BALC - P35 For everyone helping save the State!
Shannon Wilmot BALC - D2, D4 In honor of all your hard work CM
Robyn Wishna BALC - K15 In honor of Sally & Donny Taylert-lovely humans! Love Robyn
Alicia Wittink ORCH - Row Q The Wittink Family
Nicole Wolcott BALC - E14, E16 Kerianna Ferguson - I love you forever
Nicole Wolcott
Elizabeth Wood ORCH - P5, P7 1. Annabelle G. Wood
2. Peter T. Wolczanski
Vivienne Woodward ORCH - T15 For Penny & Greg Woodward--to spreading music!
Greg Wooster BALC - E1, E3 1. The State Theater rocks! – P. Wooster
2. Music vibes, memories, friends. GWooster
James Yaggie ORCH - R7, R9 Jim & Jackie Yaggie
Bernice Yarosh BALC - L206 The State Theatre
Rejuvenates Me, B. Yarosh
Trevor Yeats BALC - D28, D30 Marie & Trevor
Lori Yelensky ORCH - R6, R8 1. We love you and remember you Richie Berg!!!!!
2. Lori Yelensky
Kim Yeoh ORCH -T109, T110 Family Friends Row
K Yeoh/J Hamilton
Eric Yetter BALC - K21 Sarah + Eric
I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees
Nicholas Young ORCH - M22 Anna and Nicky Young, IC ‘19 & ‘22
Mark Zabel ORCH - U23 Mark and Ingrid Zabel
Daniel Zech ORCH - T7 Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right
Alan Zehnder ORCH - Q26 Zehnder Family
Stephen Zinder ORCH - M17, M19 From Chris and Steve Zinder
Aaron Zwas BALC - E10, E12 Aaron Zwas and Tootsie Olan

Sorry, there were no results matching that text.

See State Theatre seating chart

107 West State Street
Martin Luther King Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

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